Friday, February 27, 2009

The Case for #twincy, or: You Are All Wrong

There is a debate occurring, right now, on the popular social networking website Twitter Dot Com. The debate is over which hashtag is best for denoting tweets about the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. After some discussion, it has come down to two contenders:

#twincy (represent!)


#msp (BOOOO!)

One of these is the correct hashtag, and one of these is an obvious lie. I submit to you that #msp is, in fact, the total travesty and abomination. There are many reasons for this:

Equity. The #msp hashtag is not equitable. It heavily favors St. Paul by allotting it two of three characters. However, #twincy places both cities on the same level, which is a positive step forward for regional equity and understanding.

Specificity. MSP is the three-letter designation for Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. If you use #msp as the hashtag for all Twin Cities-related tweets, how then will you differentiate tweets about the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport? This question remains unanswered. With #twincy there is no such problem.

Uniqueness. #msp could stand for just about anything. #my-sexy-pants, #many-sage-pimps, #minneapolis-saint-potato. Anything.

Further proof.

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